December 1, 2022

Prosciutto wrapped persimmons (Easy Persimmon Appetizer)

I picked up a case of persimmons and quickly had to come up with a bunch of persimmon recipe, so be prepared for more! One of them is this deliciously easy persimmon appetizer recipe: persimmon wrapped prosciutto. Just as you would make melon wrapped in prosciutto, these persimmons wrapped in prosciutto are also a great sweet and savory idea. Plus the fuyu persimmons are nice and firm so they hold up quite well to the prosciutto.

persimmon wrapped prosciutto on plate

Don't you just love easy appetizer recipes? There's something about throwing together an easy, five ingredient or less appetizer when you don't have much time. And this persimmon and prosciutto recipe fits that bill, even if it's six ingredients (because lets not count the drizzle of olive oil).


All you need are six ingredients for this savory persimmon recipe.

persimmon wrapped prosciutto on plate

Fuyu or Hachiya Persimmons

There are several different persimmon varieties. However, the two most common in North America are fuyu and hachiya, both are from Japan.

For this prosciutto wrapped persimmon recipe, I suggest using fuyu persimmons.

Both types are delicious and contain vitamin A (not surprising due to their bright orange colour), vitamin C and potassium.

Fuyu persimmons

  • Short and round, similar in shape to a tomato.
  • They taste similar to a mango and a peach with notes of honey.
  • Best used in salads, baked whole, added to baked goods like breads or used in smoothies.
  • Ripe when firm.
  • The skin is edible but can be peeled if you'd like.
fuyu persimmons on table

Hachiya persimmons

  • Taller and acorn shaped.
  • The tastes is very sweet, juicy and delicious when ripe, if however they are eaten when they're unripe they are very astringent. Your mouth will never forget it!
  • Best used in jellies, jams, preserves or you can add them to baked goods. I enjoy eating them on their own when they are soft and ripe. This was how I ate them growing up.
  • Ripe and ready to eat when they're very soft.
  • The skin is edible when soft and ready to be eaten.


This easy persimmon appetizer is really basic to make, but here are a few tips for making and serving these prosciutto wrapped persimmons.

  • Prepare them when ready to eat. The fruit will taste best when it's made fresh and not sitting out for too long.
  • Use fuyu persimmons rather than hachiya as hachiya will be more difficult to cut into shape when they're ripe as they're quite soft.
  • Keep the prosciutto wrapped persimmons in place with a toothpick. This makes it easier for serving as well.
persimmon wrapped prosciutto on plate


  • Blue cheese: for this easy persimmon appetizer, I use Danish blue cheese which is milder. I'd recommend using this. However, if you don't like blue cheese or don't want to use it, swap it out for goat cheese.
  • Rosemary: use fresh chopped thyme instead.
  • Prosciutto: use jamón serrano instead.

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Prosciutto wrapped persimmons (Easy Persimmon Appetizer)

Persimmon and prosciutto are a match made in heaven in this easy persimmon appetizer that's perfect for serving to guests. Add some blue cheese and you're all set!



  • 2 fuyu persimmons (ripe, but firm)
  • 2 oz blue cheese (Danish blue), cut into small chunks
  • 1.5 oz prosciutto (sliced)
  • 1 sprig rosemary, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • flaky salt (optional)
  1. Slice persimmons into 1/2" thick wedges.
  2. Place a chunk of blue cheese on top of the persimmon wedge and wrap with prosciutto.
  3. Repeat with all persimmon wedges and place on a plate for serving.
  4. Top with chopped rosemary, olive oil, honey and flaky salt if using. Serve immediately and enjoy!


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